I love to cook and shoot.

Fresh foods and great products always deserve a little shoot

No, I am not a professional photographer and I know I have many things to learn about photography. One thing I can tell you, is that taking pictures of my food makes it taste better. Yes, I am one of those who thinks that taking a picture of your meal before you eat prompts you to pay more attention to how it tastes.


” Cooking over live fire takes a substantial place in Max’s fondest memories. During his childhood, Max spent most of his time at the family cabin. He learned from a very young age that food doesn’t come from a takeout window. Getting food on your table takes patience and hard work. They harvested their veggies, raised their chickens, turkeys and rabbits, and chopped their own wood.

At dinner time, when everyone was exhausted after a long day of hard work, Max was always the one who would be in charge of the grill. From starting a fire to serving the last piece of meat, nothing was more satisfying than seeing his loved ones enjoying themselves over a meal filled with love and care.

A few years back, Max started to share his passion on social medias, and it rapidly reached a tremendous amount of people.

The message that Max shares through his work, is that anyone can grill, anywhere, anywhen, with anything. All you need is dedication and love. ”

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