Naked Pesto Pizza

You are a Pizza fanatic but would like to try a #FunkyPizza recipe a bit lighter? Well, this Naked Pesto Pizza is the way to go.

Of course, when making a naked crust, we are all looking for Crispy edges and a Creamy center. I know what you are saying to your self: But how is it possible to get a crispy crust and a creamy center? The answer is simple but a bit strange: The dough is baked Naked with ice cubes on it! Yes, ice! This unique and brilliant idea comes from the creator of the trapizzino, famous pizza maker Stefano Callegari. As the pizza bakes, the ice keeps the center moist and allows the crust to rise faster.

Many thanks to Baking Steel, as this is where I first saw the Naked Pizza technic. I am now in love and have so many ideas for my next Naked #FunkyPizza. Stay tuned!

Naked Pesto Pizza

Lighter #FunkyPizza
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Course Main Course, Side Dish
Cuisine Italian
Servings 1


  • A Wood-Fired pizza oven
  • Wooden pizza peel
  • Round pizza peel


  • 2 tbsp fresh basil pesto Stay tuned for our easy homemade pesto recipe
  • 1 tbsp sesame seeds
  • 1 pt pizza dough your favorite dough or look for our pizza dough recipes


Start the pizza oven

  • For this recipe, we will be using our Brazza wood-fired oven from Authentic Pizza ovens. The secret is heating up the oven ahead to sliding in that first pizza. One of the most important things is to heat up the oven to around 700 °F so the fire bricks are very hot. The whole pre-heating process should take about an hour but it really depends on the wood you'll be using. For very good results, I like to use Maple. If you want to use a standard oven, heat up to 475°F
  • To start our Brazza (Authentic Pizz Ovens), we like to build a very small fire in the middle section of the oven and wait for the small wood to catch. After maybe 15 minutes, we will push the fire logs in the back section, add a couple of maple logs and brush the middle section so it's clean and ready for our pizzas.

Build the pizza

  • After about an hour of pre-heat time, its the right moment to start making the pizza! First of all, flour your hands and your work station.
  • Stretch your dough into a circle and place on your Wooden peel.
  • Then add a few ice cubes in the center of your dough.
  • Top the edges with sesame seeds.

Cook the crust

  • If you want to make the best #NakedPizza around, it's important to test the heat. My little trick here is to sprinkle a small amount of flour right on the section you want to cook the pizza. If the flour burns within a couple of seconds, the area is probably too hot. The flour should take about 8-10 seconds to turn brown and then you are ready to add the pizza.
  • Now you'll have to turn the pie. I like to use around and metal peel to turn and pull it out. Cook until the base is golden and the crust looks crispy. the ice should have melted and started boiling.
  • Brush the pesto to cover all the crust. Enjoy!
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